Baby gets severe burns

The summer heat is here, and before you get too eager to rush into the sun, remember to use sun block and protect you and your childrens' skin. It doesn't take long for the sun to burn sensitive skin, so use it even if you're just going outside for a few minutes

Rebecca Cannon thought her one-year-old daughter was protected when the two of them spent a day in the sun. She had lathered SPF50 sunblock on her daughter, but when the toddler's skin turned red and started peeling, Rebecca realized it wasn't the sun that she needed to worry about. And now she wants to warn others.

Rebecca thought SPF50 sunblock would have been enough to protect her daughter's face on a sunny day. But after her daughter's face started to blister, Rebecca realized that the SPF numbers on sunblock bottles aren't reliable.

Rebecca put sunblock on her daughter's face before going outside and enjoying a nice day together. But it wasn't until the next morning that her daughter's started to burn.

"As the day went on, she got a little redder and redder and the next morning she woke up and was swollen. She was bright red. There were blisters starting to pop up," says Rebecca.

Rebecca immediately took her daughter to the doctor, who confirmed that the girl had second degree chemical burns. The sunblock was found to be the cause, and the doctor told Rebecca that it was also possible that the burns were a severe allergic reaction to the sunblock.

Rebecca wrote about the event on Facebook in the hope that she can save other children from being burned. Read it here:

Ok so I'm getting many msgs and just want everyone to know Kyla is back home after another hospital trip this morning due to extream swelling but she is doing ok and is in good spirits .. please watch and be carful when using aerosolized sunscreen ! I have done a lot of research. Since coming home and have found a disturbing amount of cases like ours. I don't know why it's not removed from the shelves !! Pictures from first to last is from yesterday morning to this afternoon please be carful the sunscreen used was banana boat spf 50 broad spectrum kids sunscreen -- have spoken with banana boat and at this point besides a reimbursement for the product not sounding like they are going to do anything..

The sunblock Rebecca Cannon put on her daughter is called Banana Boat Kids SPF50. To find out which sunblocks are safe, visit the Enviromental Working Group list of the best and worst sun protection for children.

It's important to protect yourself from the sun. But not all sunscreens are reliable, so you be sure to consult your doctor about which one is best for your child. Please share this article to warn others so that no more children are affected.
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