Mom gives birth to world's rarest triplets

Being pregnant is always special, but the experience can vary a lot from woman to woman. While some moms-to-be continue life as usual and work until their water breaks, others have it a bit tougher.

One thing that can make it especially demanding on an expectant mother is when she's expecting more than one baby.

But the mother in this story wasn't expecting just one or two babies—she was expecting three.

In most cases, that would be unusual enough. But the fact that this mom was expecting triplets is perhaps the most normal part of this story.

When the triplets were born, two of the three girls were conjoined. It was an unbelievably rare occasion, and in fact, there's only one other known case of siamese twins being born with a triplet sister.

Unfortunately, the girls' biological mother wasn't able to take care of the three girls, so Mackenzie, Macy, and Madeline were fostered by Darla and Jeff Garrison. The couple already had three sons and were delighted to welcome the girls to their family.

Immediately after the birth, it was decided that Mackenzie and Macy would be separated.

When the girls were nine months old, it was time. First, the surgeons stretched the girls' skin so they could use it to close their wounds after the surgery. Then, they separated the two girls during an extremely risky operation.

The surgery took 24 hours and was successful. Both girls recovered well, though they were left with only one leg each.

Two years after the surgery, Darla and Jeff adopted all three girls. Now, the whole family is enjoying life together on a farm in Iowa.

The sisters even got a horse. Although Mackenzie and Macy only have only one leg, the girls have prosthetic legs and can get around well on their own.

How wonderful is it that the girls were adopted into such a wonderful family?

Watch a video about the girls' risky separation surgery here:

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