Boy gets sunglasses as gift

How would the world look without color? For most of us, that is very difficult to imagine. We associate different colors with things that make us feel in a certain way. For example, black might be associated with sorrow and red with love. We use colors to express ourselves and we surround ourselves with colors we like and that make us feel a certain way.

Unfortunately, none of those things are familiar to 10-year-old Xavier McCoury, who was born color blind.

However, by his 10th birthday, technology had come so far that the boy's parents could give him an experience more valuable than all the money in the world.

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Xavier McCoury's parents decided to give him a memorable gift just before his tenth birthday. Thanks to new revolutionary technology, today, special glasses exist that give color blind individuals the ability to see all colors in their correct shades.

One evening, Xavier's family took him out and asked him to open up a special package - which of course contained the sunglasses.

When he puts them on, it is a truly magical moment.

"It's impossible to describe how much this moment meant to him and the whole of our family," the boy's mother Melissa told the British Daily Mail.

But I won't spoil the moment for you - you can simply watch it for yourself below.

magine seeing the world in color for the first time! What a feeling that must be. Please share this moving video with others to share this boy's joy.
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